Baton Rouge Dentist Helps Patients Conquer Dental Phobias

grandfamilydentistryOur family dentist Baton Rouge specializes in patients who experience dental phobia. For some people, a dental appointment is a terrifying experience. It may be the sound of the drill or the sound of the sharp tools scraping the teeth. For whatever the reason, it is real to someone who has a dental phobia. It may be the result of a previous traumatic experience at a dentist office or simply a preconceived notion that it will be a painful experience.

Dr. Grand is very reassuring and recommends practicing prevention by being super vigilant in the care of their teeth so that is not necessary to come to the dentist as often. Some people have a fear of the dental equipment. This dentist often explains the use of the dental tools to patients so that the tools do not seem so strange. The loud noises of the drill are lessened by noise canceling headphones. Some people even opt to listen to their iPod.

For those individuals who regularly breathe through their mouth, they may feel uncomfortable breathing through their nose. This may create a feeling of suffocation as the dentist works on your mouth. Breathing strips may be helpful to overcome this condition. Also nitrous oxide is often administered to help patients breathe better and relax.

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Baton Rouge Dentist Calms Patient Fears

sedation dentistry baton rougeSedation dentistry has become more popular in recent years. If you are feeling anxious about a dental procedure, do not hesitate to ask your Baton Rouge dentist to administer some form of sedation to help you to remain calm and relaxed during your dental appointment.

Many people are so phobic about going to the dentist that they often neglect the care of their teeth. If you feel stressed at even the thought of sitting in a dental chair, sedation can help take away some of the anxiety. Sedation can be used for almost every procedure. Nitrous oxide is a popular form of sedation that people request often. This gas is combined with oxygen. When a mask is placed over your nose, you breathe the gas calmly and enjoy a very relaxing effect. Your dentist has complete control over the amount of gas you receive; therefore an overdose is impossible. One advantage to this form of sedation is that it wears off quickly and you may drive home.

If you are not comfortable with the inhalation sedation, you may prefer taking a pill. The dentist may administer a drug from the same family as Valium to be taken one hour before the procedure. Usually, this type of drug will cause drowsiness although you may still be awake. Some people actually fall asleep with oral sedation. Driving is not recommended.

In addition to the sedatives listed above, a numbing medication or local anesthetic is administered in the area where the dentist is working to insure that the procedure does not cause any discomfort.

Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Grand for an appointment. Your fears will vanish with the sedation procedures available for the comfort of his patients.